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Mice & Rat Control

Do you have Rodent Problems ? Clear A Pest Mice & Rat Control and forget about mice & rats today.

Emergency mice & Rat control in Hertfordshire and London 

  • Same-day emergency services

  • Efficient mice treatment & proofing

  • Child- and pet-safe, agency-approved methods


Why Choose our Mice & Rat 
Control Service

Are you terrified and disgusted by rodents roaming your home or business premises? Mice and rats can be challenging to eradicate. You can rely on Clear A Pest Control for the complete extermination of these gnawing intruders. We provide:

  • Emergency control procedures

  • Local mouse exterminators

  • Guaranteed rodent treatments

We have the expertise to eliminate the mice around your property and prevent further problems.

Don’t wait until the pests overcrowd their burrows – act now and prevent the possible health hazards!

How Does the Mice and Rat
Control Work

You can expect only the highest quality when you book our mice and rat control services!

  • We will arrive on site and begin by assessing the property. We`ll determine how the mice gain access, the primary food sources, and what general conditions make the property conducive to an infestation. 

  • The technician will determine the most effective approach depending on the level of infestation and the location of more prominent entry points. Once the infestation level has been determined, the pest technician will treat it – including baiting and blocking any entry points accessible to mice. It is essential to control the existing infestation before sealing the holes. 

  • You can schedule an additional appointment with the pest technician after booking a full service. There will be an evaluation of the results of their work.

  • After the service is complete, the pest technician will provide recommendations on how to prevent mouse infestations in the future.

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