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Bird Control

Bird Control

Effective pigeon pest control and bird proofing

  • Immediate response time

  • Suitable for residential buildings, business properties and industrial premises.

  • Wide range of procedures, all done in humane way

Why choose Clear A Pest Control for bird proofing

Besides being highly annoying, pigeons, seagulls and other types of urban birds in London can cause immense damage to the exterior of your building. Clear A Pest Control offers quick and effective pigeon pest control and bird-proofing in London and surrounding areas. We help deter the annoying birds away from:

  • Residential buildings;

  • Business properties;

  • Industrial premises;

Contact us and let the experts deal with the problem. We will rid your property of pesky birds in no time.

How We Carry Out the Bird Control Service

To deter birds from roaming around the roof and your building, we make the environment as uninviting as possible for them.

  • The bird control specialists will inspect your property. With the help of our experience, we can determine what attracts birds to your house, assess infestation levels, and identify affected areas.

  • The pest technician will determine the most appropriate bird-proofing method. If necessary, the bird control specialist can apply nets and spikes to the roof or repellent gel to outdoor surfaces.

  • If necessary, your technician can return to your property within three months upon your request based on the service you booked.

  • You will receive a copy of the report for the service as well as helpful advice on how to avoid future pigeon problems.

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