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Pests bothering you? Find peace of
mind with Clear A Pest, Pest Control

Emergency pest control: London and Hertfordshire

  • Speedy response time and same- or next-day inspections, even on Bank Holidays.

  • A discreet service provided by polite and thorough local exterminators, all with respect to your home.

  • Serving residential and commercial properties

Let us take all your stress away


Perhaps having an infestation makes you feel unsafe and anxious. We get that.

Pests carry diseases and bacteria, putting the health of you, your family members, or your staff at risk. In some cases, they can even cause structural damage to the building.

Pests are a pain, and Clear A Pest are here to remove yours, so you can feel safe and calm again. Just like you did the day before it all started.

  • Take advantage of same-day inspections and treatments by calling us over the phone or by booking online.  

  • We’ve got polite and thorough experts and professional-grade equipment to banish your pest problem for good, whether you’re dealing with cockroaches, silverfish, rats, mice, bed bugs, wasps or woodworms.

You’ll receive a fast, discreet service with a local exterminator and expert advice tailored to your household or business needs. We’ll eliminate your pests and make sure they don’t come back!

How our pest control services work

At Clear A Pest Control, we’ll remove 100% of your infestation. We’ll assess your situation, and use our four-step process for guaranteed results.




We investigate your property, and tailor a pest removal plan for your situation. We check every room, as well as appliances that might be linked to pests, to locate the source of the infestation..

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We use our expert pest control tactics to fully rid you of the vermin. We offer solutions from humane pest control to chemical repellents, pesticides and insecticides.

Swarm of Bees



We make sure that pests can’t get in in the future, and give you professional tips on how to protect your home. Book our full service, to receive a three month guarantee with two free visits from our pest experts.

Fast and affordable service

We can exterminate any pest species, for some of the best prices in your area. We:

  • Are available seven days a week, including on bank holidays.

  • Come the same day you call, in an unbranded vehicle if you choose.

  • Only use products approved by official UK pest control suppliers, to keep your family, pets and belongings safe as we eliminate pests.

Book an inspection today.


Expert pest technicians

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Our exterminators have years of experience, and the skill to remove any type of pest.

We never charge by the hour and we won’t leave until your pests are fully vanquished, so you can expect a thorough job for the lowest price.

We offer flawless aftercare services, to wipe any trace of pest presence. These include:

  • Dead animal removal

  • Pest proofing

  • Disinfection

Book an inspection today.

We remove any kind of pest

Whatever infestation you're dealing with, we'll eradicate it once and for all

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Rats & Mice

Rodent removal

  • Remove all rats and mice

  • For residential and business properties

  • Immediate response


Bed Bugs

Effective bed bug control

  • Eliminate all bed bug infestations

  • For business and residential properties

  • 100% success

Cockroach Control.jpg


Cockroach extermination

  • Remove 100% of cockroaches

  • For residential and business properties

  • Same day inspections



Rapid pigeon proofing

  • Eradicate all pigeons and birds

  • For residential and business properties

  • Available same day


Wasps and wasps nests

Fast wasp eradication

  • Remove all wasp and wasps nests

  • For business and residential properties

  • Same day response



silverfish removal

  • Eliminate 100 % of silverfish

  • For commercial and residential properties

  • Immediate response

We remove any kind of pest

Whatever infestation you're dealing with, we'll eradicate it once and for all

What kind of pests do we treat?

From rats, to wasps, silverfish, pigeons, bed bugs, and cockroaches, 24/7 Pest Control is expert in treating every pest in your household or business premise. Give us a quick call or use the online booking system and let our pest exterminators get rid of your pest problems immediately.

Need urgent pest control?
Give us a call on 01707 938408   

 Monday to Saturday

24 hr Service



To request a Quote with Clear A Pest, please fill in your details in the form below. One of our representatives will contact you shortly to discuss your pest problem and find the best solution.

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